Running a cluster of Microsoft Orleans Virtual Actors

  • setup the database used by Microsoft Orleans
  • understand the database schema and tables used by Microsoft Orleans
  • run the demo with one Microsoft Orleans silo
  • start a cluster of Microsoft Orleans silos
  • run the demo again with the cluster up-and-running

Microsoft Orleans database setup

  • Main scripts
  • Clustering
  • Persistence
  • Reminders

Tables used by Microsoft Orleans

Main tables

Clustering tables

Storage tables

Reminders tables

Demo with one Silo

Console output for one silo instance
Microsoft Orleans client connected
New grain initialization

Start a Microsoft Orleans cluster

Console output for the second silo instance

Demo again


  • there is a complex database set up that needs to be done before running a Microsoft Orleans cluster, when using ADO.NET for clustering and persistence features;
  • the tables that needs to be created before running our Microsoft Orleans cluster are having specific responsibilities and those have been discussed in the current article;
  • running a Microsoft Orleans cluster with one silo is possible, but not recommended because all the load will be handled by a single instance;
  • starting multiple Microsoft Orleans silos will allow those to create a cluster and the load will be distributed across all the members.



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